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20000l Firefighting Retention Tank

Tank Fittings

  • 400mm mosquito proof inlet strainer
  • 90mm overflow outlet
  • 50mm brass outlet
  • 50mm ball valve
  • 50mm CFS Storz Outlet

  CFS Storz Outlet 50mm

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What is a Firefighting Retention Tank?
Water retention tanks hold water reserved for fighting fires only. The tank capacity is always full so that water is available for a fire emergency situation. You can store water for firefighting in a separate water tank or you can store the water for domestic use and firefighting in one tank.

Why are Firefighting Retention Tanks required?
Some councils in bushfire prone areas in South Australia require your property to have a dedicated water supply for firefighting. A water storage tank that holds water for both firefighting and domestic use should be fitted with two outlets at different levels. The water allocated for firefighting should be positioned at the lower portion of the tank with an outlet and valve specified by the council.

Tank Colours
Available in 9 Colorbond ® matching colours to suit your house or fence. Additional colours available on request.

Delivery Locations
We offer free delivery within the Greater Adelaide Region. Please contact us for a quote outside of the delivery zone.

20000l Firefighting Retention Tank

20000 litre firefighting retention water tank with 50mm Storz Outlet for C.F.S and M.F.S water supply.

Important Note: If your council specifies a non-combustible storage tank it must be made from a material like concrete or steel.

Dia: 3.72 (m) Height: 2.44 (m) Height (Inlet): 2.03 (m)

Colorbond ® swatch names are provided as a guide only. Colours may vary due to your screen settings.

Additional information

Tank Colour

Beige, Charcoal (Monument®), Gull Grey (Shale Grey®), Merino (Paperbark®), Mountain Blue (Deep Ocean®), Rivergum (Wilderness®), Slate Grey (Woodland®), Smooth Cream (Classic Cream®), White (Surfmist®)

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