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Rotational Moulding

APR polyethylene rainwater tanks are designed and engineered using a rotational moulding process.  Our product development team has extensive experience using the latest plastic and manufacturing technology including:

  • 16 years of polyethylene fabrication and welding
  • 10 years of rotational moulding
  • 18 years of recycling and manufacturing


APR Manufacturing Group is a proud member of ARMA, the Association of Rotational Moulders Australia.

What is Rotational Moulding?

Rotomoulding is a plastic moulding technology used to manufacture hollow products. It involves a simple computer-controlled cooking process:
  1. Polyethylene powder is placed inside a tank mould.
  2. The mould is placed in a heated oven and rotated allowing the plastic to melt evenly.
  3. The mould is removed from the oven and cooled allowing the polyethylene to set.

Benefits of Rotational Moulding

With in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, APR Tanks can achieve greater productivity and pass the cost savings to their customers.

Fast Turn-Around Times
Ability to produce small or large production runs and deliver at short notice.

Lower Production Costs
Tanks are made in a mould producing a one-piece tank to specific dimensions.

Environmentally Friendly
No chemicals or toxins are released during production and less fuel is used to make products with plastic than metal or concrete.

Products are a seamless one-piece construction without joints and with a consistent wall thickness for greater strength.

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