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How to choose the right rainwater tank pump

There are two types of pumps; External pumps which sit on the ground outside the tank, and Submersible Pumps which are installed inside the tank.  APR stock a range of external pumps ideal for domestic water supply to your garden or household.

What do you want your pump to do?

The pump usage will determine how powerful the pump will need to be and if there are any additional features required. Most domestic water pumps will provide enough water pressure for a hose or garden watering. If you are using the pump for household water supply, e.g. for the toilet or laundry, you will need a pump with a greater water flow.

A good flow rate is required to direct the water where it needs to go quickly. A domestic mains water tap can deliver water at a flow rate of 10 litres/minute. This should be the minimum flow rate for a domestic pump. The more water outlets serviced by the pump; the greater maximum flow rate is needed. If you are using your pump for drinking water you will need an AS/NZS4020 Drinking Water Approved pump that won’t add any toxic materials to your water or change the taste.

Features to look for when selecting a pump

Automatic power on/off
Essential for indoor plumbing or an automatic watering system.  For manually watering the garden, a manual power switch is ok.

Run-dry protection
To prevent motor damage if the tank is empty.

Automatic tank-to-mains switch-over device
When your tank water is low the water supply will switch over to mains. If there is a power outage the pump will revert to mains water.

Model Max Flow Rate No. of Taps Usage
Garden Pump 45L/min 4 Hose, garden taps
Auto-change over pump 20L/min 2 Toilet/laundry/garden taps
Small House Pump 45L/min 4 Small homes
House & Garden Pump 60L/min 6 Larger homes
Large House Pump 80L/min 4 2 storey homes

*Calculations are an estimate only there are many variables that can affect the calculation.

Installing a water pump

You will need a waterproof external power connection to operate your pump.

cting a Garden Pump 

  1. Connect the pump inlet to the slimline water tank outlet with a flexible hose kit and secure the ends with a hose clamp. The diameter of the hose must be no less than 25mm.
  2. The distance between the tank and the pump should be as short as possible.
  3. Prime the pump with water.
  4. Plug in the pump to the power point and switch on.
  5. Connect a hose to the pump outlet and you’re ready to start watering.

Connecting a House Pump

Pumps must be connected to the house by a Licensed Plumber. APR Tanks recommend a pump cover to protect the pump from the weather, offer some security, noise suspension, and meet warranty requirements.

If you need help finding the right pump for your rainwater tank contact APR Tanks on (08) 8359 4999 or sales@aprtanks.com.au.

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