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Delivery and Installation

Prior to Delivery

Please ensure there is suitable access for APR’s delivery vehicle. The largest delivery vehicle and load can be up to 19 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 4.2 metres high. If access is an issue, please discuss your situation when ordering your tank. Arrange suitable assistance to be on-site at the time of delivery to help unload and position your tank. It is critical for the health and well-being of our driver and those assisting, that the correct number of people are on-site.

Persons required to lift tank
1,000L Slimline - Driver + 1 Person
3,000L Slimline - Driver + 3 People
2,500L Round - Driver + 1 Person
5,000L Round - Driver + 1 Person
10,000L Round - Driver + 2 People
15,000L Round - Driver + 2 People
20,000L Round - Driver + 3 People

It will be at the driver’s discretion where the tank is placed if there is insufficient help available at the time of delivery ensure the route to your tank site is free of objects such as overhanging branches, power lines, clothes lines or flower pots which can restrict rolling your tank into position. Structures such as gates, downpipes and air conditioners can also interfere with getting your tank into position. Slimline tanks require their length of clear access when going around corners.

Tank Base

Make sure you have a suitable tank base ready. One litre of water weighs 1kg and the total tank weight can be over 20 tonne. A firm level base is required. APR recommends a 75mm compacted dolomite, sand or a concrete base with at least a 200mm distance between the tank wall and edge of the tank base. The base area may need to be boxed in to prevent erosion from wind and rain. APR can supply a range of eco-friendly borders suitable for this work. It is also critical the overflow is connected and plumbed away from the base to prevent scouring.

If the tank is to go on a wooden platform, it must be 200mm bigger than the tank diameter, suitably constructed and strong enough for the combined weight of a full tank, with no more than a 40mm gap between the timbers.

At the time of Delivery

  1. Ensure suitable assistance is on-site.
  2. The driver will install the tank outlet, fit the valve and PVC overflow outlet. Please ensure these locations are known by people on-site. If the fittings are not installed at the time of delivery, there may be a charge for the driver to return to the site and install the fittings.
  3. Tie-down/ lifting lugs are included on our range of round tanks. These can be used to secure your empty tank after delivery and prevent it from blowing away. Lifting lugs are designed to lift an empty tank only.
  4. If not using the tie-down/ lifting lugs, once the tank is on site, it is recommended at least 100mm of water is placed in the tank to prevent any movement.
  5. The driver will give as much notice as possible on the day, with an approximate delivery time to enable time for assisting people to be present.
3000 Litre Slimline Tank Site Fit-out
3000 Litre Slimline Tank | Beige

After Delivery

Plumb the tank to your specific requirements. Bracing supports and brackets can be fitted to the tank roof. Do not screw any brackets to the tank below overflow level. The overflow size must be equal to or greater than the inlet diameter.

It is critical that flexible pipe is used between the valve and any connecting pipework. Polyethylene will expand and contract depending on ambient temperature, tank capacity and other climatic conditions. APR has a range of fit-for-purpose hose kits available for purchase if required. Plumbing the overflow at least 100mm from the tank wall with a flexible connection will ensure the tank warranty is compliant.

APR tanks will happily assist with any queries you may have regarding the above guidelines. Please call 08 8359 4999 if you have any questions.

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