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What Water Tank Size Do I Need?

If you’re considering rainwater harvesting, it’s important to ensure that you select a suitable water tank for your needs.  You’ll need to think about several factors including catchment area, annual rainfall, council regulations and access to the property.

How much water will you need?

The volume of water you will need will depend on how you plan to use the water collected. For example, watering the garden, household supply (how many people) or for stock water on a farm. Generally, an average size household will need a minimum of 50,000 litres* of water storage per year.  Other factors to consider are fire-fighting storage, storm water detention. If you are not connected to mains water, your tank will need to be large enough to supply everyday tasks including washing, showering, drinking, watering the garden etc.

How much water can I collect?

The amount of rainwater you can collect is determined by how large your catchment area is and the amount of rainfall in your area (see map below).
For example, based on the calculation below, a 3 bedroom house in Adelaide will collect 75,000l* of rainfall per year.  That’s enough to fill a 5000l tank 15 times per year.

*Calculations are an estimate only. There are many variables that can affect the amount of water you can collect.

(Map Source: Bureau of Meteorology – Average annual rainfall in SA in 2022).

How much space do you have?

If you have plenty of space, you can install a tank wherever you need it.  Round tanks offer the best dollar value for cents per litre. If space is limited, slimline tanks give more flexibility but need suitable room and manpower when going around corners, up or down stairs or over fences. You will need to ensure you have easy access for a truck to offload the tank close to its installation site.  All APR round tanks have lifting lugs for an easy crane lift. If a crane is needed it must be organised by the purchaser our delivery vehicles are not equipped with a crane.

Council requirements?

In South Australia, new homes and extensions greater than 50m2 are required to install a rainwater tank with a minimum capacity of 1,000 litres. These requirements may vary depending on the location. Council may require a minimum volume, and may impose size restrictions. Contact your local if you are unsure what your regulatory requirements are.

The APR Tanks team can help you determine the correct tank size to meet your water storage tank needs. Call us for a quote on (08) 8359 4999.

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